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Shisha in Warsaw – Baila Warsaw!

Shisha, hookah, sheesha or simply a water pipe, is a great way to relax and have fun with friends. Although this custom, taken from the inhabitants of the Middle East, has been known for several hundred years, shisha bars in Warsaw have not been popular for that long. However, it is clear that an increasing number of Europeans appreciate the opportunity to share a water pipe with their friends. Are you curious what we think about shisha? That’s very good, because today we want to tell you a little more about it and, at the same time, present some new ideas at Baila Show&Dining. Enjoy!   

Shisha – what is it?

The mysterious and sonorous word ‘shisha’ comes from the Urdu language, although we do not know what does it exactly mean. It used to be translated as ‘jar’, and then the direct translation disappeared from dictionaries. However, it is certain that sheesha in Warsaw, in Europe and around the world has some dedicated enthusiasts. Does it surprise us? Not at all! 

To smoke a sheesha, a special tobacco called treacle is used, to which fruit pulp is added – apple, cherry, grape, lemon, the flavours are quite numerous. It is important to note that while smoking a water pipe, there is a beautiful aromatic smell in the air, which creates a pleasant mood for the participants.

To enjoy the tradition of smoking a shisha, you need to put treacle in a stem, wrap it in foil and then heat it with a charcoal. The smoke that is produced by the heating passes through a special jug of water and there it is cooled. Then, using a dedicated hose, one should inhale the sweet tobacco smoke.

The best shisha in Warsaw – welcome to Baila!

In our opinion, the tradition of smoking shisha is amazing! It’s the perfect way to spend a nice evening with friends, especially in such beautiful surroundings as the garden at Baila Show&Dining. Therefore, in order to meet the expectations of our wonderful guests, we have made some changes to our restaurant. Now, you can smoke a water pipe in our restaurant every day after 6pm!

We offer three types of sheesha:

  • traditional shisha – or European shisha with a selection of the best flavours (there are as many as 30!) and tobacco brands based on Burley and Virginia Gold. In addition, we also offer 3 types of treacle intensity – light, medium and strong.    
  • premium shisha – popular in eastern countries. Prepared on the basis of real fruit, it gives a wonderful fresh taste and guarantees a longer smoking time. Fruits to choose from – pineapple, grapefruit and coconut, as well as a special pepper-based shisha that gives a mildly spicy flavour.
  • Baila shisha – a unique high-tech style shisha made with ice and a cocktail based on real fruit placed in a jug. The stem is made of pineapple, providing a particularly delicate flavour. The entire water pipe is effectively lit at the bottom – besides the delicious taste and aroma, it guarantees an additional aesthetic experience. So if you want to surprise your friends, opt for this option – they will be definitely delighted!

In the Middle and Far East, the sheesha has been an integral part of social gatherings for centuries. For several years now, the water pipe in Warsaw and many other Polish cities has also become increasingly popular. In our opinion, it is a very interesting tradition – after all, it allows people to celebrate great moments together! So if you’re wondering where to go for a shisha in Warsaw, our answer is: Baila! We invite you and your friends – the best shisha in Warsaw is waiting! See you there!


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